Universal Remote Holder


Apple TV Remote Holder


Fire TV Remote Holder


for Roku and Fire TV Remotes

Tired of losing your remotes?

Keep your TV and media-player remotes ready for action with a TotalMount  remote holder.


No more searching

Providing a consistent “home” for your TV remotes means you’ll always know exactly where to find it.

Effortless mounting

Setup is a breeze with two convenient mounting options:
(1) special adhesive and
(2) wall mounting screws (included).


Designed to fit almost any TV-related remote on the market: television, cable TV, satellite TV, DVR, DVD, VCR, Blu-ray, media-players, and many more.

Never lose your media-player remote again.

Our TotalMount media-player remotes are precision-designed to perfectly fit your remotes for Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku.


The perfect complement for your Apple TV

Keep your Apple TV remote charged and ready for action with our TotalMount Apple TV Remote Holder.

No scratches

Lined with a soft rubber material to avoid scratching your glossy Apple TV remote.

Charges from your TV

Uses the Lightning cable included with new Apple TVs to charge your remote from your TV’s USB port.

The perfect “home” for your Fire TV remote.

Provides a consistent “home” for your Fire TV remote so you’ll always know where to find it.


Attaches to TV

A special adhesive allows for mounting on the side or back of your television. The adhesive also works on most furniture and walls in your home.

Always Ready for Action

Keep your Fire TV remote ready for action with a TotalMount Fire TV Remote Holder.


Specially designed to be compatible with all Fire TV remote models.


A perfect fit for your Roku remote.

Specially designed to perfectly fit all Roku remotes.


Avoid Losing Your Roku Remote

Provides a safe “home” so you’ll always know where to find your Roku remote.

Specially Designed Adhesive

Our special adhesive attaches easily to your television, furniture, and walls in your home.

Compatible With All Roku Remotes

Keeps your Roku remote ready for action. Compatible with all versions of Roku remote.

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